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Cal-Am makes surprise inspections and threatens 30-day evictions to all or most tenants if they don't comply with changing standards, unpublished standards and harassing standards, including such minor "deficiencies" as requiring tenants to paint the TV cable leading to their home the same color as the house, or face eviction. Many conditions approved one month are subject of threatened eviction the next month. Corporate management doesn't... Read more

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They do not care about the amount of stress they have put on many in the recent eviction attacks that they are doing to every tenant where I live. They have gone YEARS without a steady manager (average time one would stay would be appropriately 2 months) and when they finally get one the owner decides to get aggressive with evictions due to lack of property maintenance that is mostly their fault. Now this has even gone on the local news about... Read more

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We have one of the newer and "nicer" homes in the park but we are being threatened with eviction because we have not / will not remove the screen around the back patio or the wind barrier on the front porch. Since they unnecessarily destroyed several healthy pine and oak trees I5 noise has increased exponentially as well as aesthetically unpleasing. This is a bad company out to make money regardless of the people they destroy or hurt. You cannot... Read more

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We as a whole in the community are hard working people. We keep our homes and yards respectable and clean. But apparently this isnt good enough for Cal-AM. I did everything on my first yard inspections and got another saying more had to be done like paint my house. My home doesn't need to be painted. There are NO peeling paint or anything wrong with it! As for the air conditioning unit in my window, my original lease doesn't say anything about... Read more

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Destruction in their wake, but they created jobs. Jobs that cut down the glorious trees of Oregon, exposing the skyline. Bringing the burning sun of summer to fry further to the ground...golden it becomes. 20 year veterans of the park, shut up. Fences torn down, white plastic expensive fences must come up. No style! No interest! Plain! lame! Are we to conform? I have a wife. I have children to worry about. Should I risk their security and... Read more

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I have lived in the El Dorado retirement community for almost 20 years. When we first moved in the rent was only $425 per month, we now pay $750 per month in addition to having to pay for water and sewer, which averages about $100 per month. The water/sewer is divided amongst the number of mobile homes in the park; however, there has been a lot of broken pipes that need to be fixed and are constantly leaking plus when they are repaired... Read more

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So we have lived in a Cal Am property home for the last 4 years and all the sudden they are sending out thretining letters and eviction notices for *** property matinence issues like pulling weeds and not having my lawn mower out under my carport.. They added new stuff to the list and only gave us 30 days to comply or we will be evicted on top of that i am disabled and simply cannot do or afford someone to to the *** petty *** they expect!! Not... Read more

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I live in beaverton oregon at Heritage Village MHP. It serves as corprate head quarters. The company has been harassing most all of the 400 plus tennets with removing fences, air conditioners, land scaping, color of paint that has been on the proprerty since before the last lease agreement and is in good shape. The list goes on and on. No way to have to live.

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This company lacks anything resembling compassion. After 15 years in the same park they have decided to enforce ridiculous vague rules stripping me and my neighbors of any means of enjoying the property we rent from them. Mass termination of leases sent out even if we did the things required 30 days ago. They just gave us a new list and threaton to terminate our leases. One lady for a single dandelion that she pays them extra to take care... Read more

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I recently purchased a home in Lamplighter Village in Melbourne, FL. I had heard good and bad about the place but decided to go for it anyway. I didn't want to go back into a single family home at my age..I'm only 59 but still didn't want the work involved. Wish I knew then what I know now...what a bunch of idiots run this place. The property itself is quiet nice and I do have very nice neighbors, but the management lies as soon as they open... Read more

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