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    • Poor management decisions and customer service 6
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    • Exorbitant rent increases 5
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On February 2013 I came to visit a friend so I saw the Mobil home park and I like it, I went to the office to see if I cualifical to get one I was at this time 52years old the one who take care of me was Stive Leblanc he show me the one I live now, I ask how much all of the utilities was because I need it to know because of my income the part where I am is not by Edison company is from them I think Is call supmeter he said not to worry about it... Read more

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El Dorado Villas in King City Oregon is a 55+ park that has so much potential to be a great place to reside. The residents are very close and it has a family like atmoshere. I have live here for 9 years and I have seen manager come and go more so than the residents moving in or out. Our maintenance staff is 1/2 spectacularly wonderful and 1/2 spectacularly lazy! Unfortunately, the good half put his notice in to resign and disassociate himself... Read more

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got tired of, 5% increase every year. just said bye bye, don' t need to there. les H

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New manager , her name mary a ***. Horrible person

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I recently sold my home in Lamplighter Village in Melbourne, FL. The lot rent that was quoted to the new owners was significantly higher than the lot rent I had been paying, which was supposedly "market value". I've been told that it was perfectly legal, but I think what happened was at the very least unethical. These are folks who are trying to enjoy their retirement and the astronomical lot rent will have the effect of diminishing their... Read more

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worst company ever. liars, manipulators, don't care about residents. making eviction threats and false promises. told residents they would have 90 days to fix things, yet asking for unreasonable requests to seniors, veterans and people on fixed incomes. now threating we have 30 days to fix or they are taking us to court. several managers, several bad and broken promises. they are the anti-Christ and should be ashamed of themselves. had "meeting"... Read more

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This company is a is the park..if I would have known then what I know now I would have never signed papers..their in house mortgage company have screwed us more than once..we have land scrapers parking their running trucks outside our night we had the Windows open to let in cool air..6 am I started smelling diesel fumes inside..opened my front door and there was the truck..complained about it to management and they told me... Read more

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With the season approaching, I see very little if any, cleaning of the sports areas. It seems like they need more maintenence staff to do these jobs..the few guys I see, are always working hard. The cleaning staff rides up and down every street without ever sweeping rocks back to the lots or picking up palm tree debris..Seriously, they can't carry a broom or picker.. Activities seem to be hit or miss.. Pros- great location friendly people nIce... Read more

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This is a descent place but very expensive you can probably find a cheaper park around. They go up on rent every year by 20.00 which is making people not buy here. Nothing is included you have to pay water sewer and trash which runs at least 100.00 it foolish to buy here it will break you. Then yes it's a pet friendly but a lot of these older people do not pick up there dog ***. I am discussed with this company because they have lied to me about... Read more

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Ever sense I've lived it's been going downhill. The management here is the worst I've ever seen. They continue to take away parking and other to squeeze everything into tighter spaces. They make you feel like to rat in a cage. Everything that happens here is designed to make them more money and take away from the residents. What you'll see on your first day here is going to be as good as it gets. It'll all be downhill from there. They... Read more

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