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With the season approaching, I see very little if any, cleaning of the sports areas. It seems like they need more maintenence staff to do these jobs..the few guys I see, are always working hard. The cleaning staff rides up and down every street without ever sweeping rocks back to the lots or picking up palm tree debris..Seriously, they can't carry a broom or picker.. Activities seem to be hit or miss.. Pros- great location friendly people nIce... Read more

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This is a descent place but very expensive you can probably find a cheaper park around. They go up on rent every year by 20.00 which is making people not buy here. Nothing is included you have to pay water sewer and trash which runs at least 100.00 it foolish to buy here it will break you. Then yes it's a pet friendly but a lot of these older people do not pick up there dog ***. I am discussed with this company because they have lied to me about... Read more

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Ever sense I've lived it's been going downhill. The management here is the worst I've ever seen. They continue to take away parking and other to squeeze everything into tighter spaces. They make you feel like to rat in a cage. Everything that happens here is designed to make them more money and take away from the residents. What you'll see on your first day here is going to be as good as it gets. It'll all be downhill from there. They... Read more

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In our latest inspection the biggest thing thay commented on was the owners not liking a lattice seperating the carport from the neighbors.and a porch that is covered to give my rooms privacy. The yards around the park are very nice but i see that 70% of the propertys still have there lattice so before i do anymore inprovements to my place im going to wait to see if the park dose anything to enforce the rules owners are cring about.. Read more

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It is a shame that we have a one-sided manager that told us we could not put our Democratic sign up but yet there is Donald Trump signs in 2 yards and she will not do anything about it I wish I had the phone number to the corporate office of Cal am and I would report her she is like the Gestapo also I brought to her attention about a vehicle parked in a driveway with a business logo she brought this to my attention about my truck in 2015 must... Read more

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trying to tell residents car ports and storage shed repairs are tenants responsibility, Washington State RWC law # 59.20.135 states that the park owners ( CAL-AM/GOLDEN ROSE ) is responsible and can not transfer repairs to the tenants. we have sheds in very poor/unsafe condition walls decaying ready to fall . carport roofs leaking, posts and post brackets holding carport roofs rusting and rotted. We are told to hire someone to fix or do it our... Read more

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But now the place looks worse after everyone has been remodeling. Things that were illegally required to do (painting, remove fences, etc) have put big holes in yards, houses, and roads. They also hired extra staff to go around all day and drive in their little carts that do nothing. This was once a very nice park and I hope it goes back to the way it was before the rampage of Cal-Am. This has been the year of *** for everyone who lives... Read more

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To Cal-Am and all who feel the need to read this; I am a new resident since May 1, 2016 a retired Cruise Director with excellent people skills and still mentor on the internet! It is with deep concern I write this because I enjoy my new home and neighbors. As a senior, I was driving around the area one Sunday and drove through the park realizing it seemed a little out dated but quaint. I drove past a home that was just listed and fell in love... Read more

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Cal-Am makes surprise inspections and threatens 30-day evictions to all or most tenants if they don't comply with changing standards, unpublished standards and harassing standards, including such minor "deficiencies" as requiring tenants to paint the TV cable leading to their home the same color as the house, or face eviction. Many conditions approved one month are subject of threatened eviction the next month. Corporate management doesn't... Read more

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They do not care about the amount of stress they have put on many in the recent eviction attacks that they are doing to every tenant where I live. They have gone YEARS without a steady manager (average time one would stay would be appropriately 2 months) and when they finally get one the owner decides to get aggressive with evictions due to lack of property maintenance that is mostly their fault. Now this has even gone on the local news about... Read more

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