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I have lived across the street from a known ex-convict for years now. He recently made physical threats to myself and close friend.

I reported it to the office letting them know of his past prison time and how he did time for attempted murder, nearly beating a man in Chicago to death. To date the criminal still lives there and the office has not dealt with the problem. I am afraid to come face to face with him which makes living here most unpleasant. This man is totally crazy and filled with rage.

Thank you Rolling Hills of Maplewood, MN for all of your support! Frightened Resident.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am a resident of Rolling Hills in Maplewood and I and my 18 year old college student daughter both had to do and pay for back ground checks to reside here . It is printed write on the mandatory checklist of obligations required for occupancy along with credit checks and other items.

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