Where do I start?.. why do we as renters in a postage stamp yard pay the same rent space as a double wide with a large yard?. why are they increasing rent?? Oh ya to buy New Homes!!!. painted my place last year as told, and now they want it painted again... on who's...
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Six months to get a new sensor installed in the lamppost in my yard. The fix took 10 minutes. The woman down the way was feeding a stray cat, and the management HARRASSED HER about it until she sold at a loss; she just wanted to get as far away from them as possible....
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We have been with Cal-Am and owned a home in Sunflower Resort, Arizona for some 7 years. In the last 4 years we have seen our rents exceed reasonableness. Although we are happy with the amenities, it appears Upper Management is trying to take advantage of the improving...
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I liked
  • Friends we have made
I didn't like
  • Excessive & unreasonable rent increases
I have lived in Lakeside Village in salem Oregon for over 3 years. Cal Am has changed things over and over! The newest manager has changed the inspections to a year round schedule from the inspection season with a new RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR SYSTEM. After we had to go...
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I was promised several things, Like to fix the drainage in my yard, installing a water meter. And fixing the 3 foot by 15 foot pothole infront of my driveway. Also they just had a rent increase of 15 dollars, I still have the certified letter that was sent to me. Now...
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We had an appointment for a tour of Islands in the Sun and the representative did not show, I texted her cell and the office, did just hear back from her this morning apologizing that it was out of her control. However, after driving through the park, decided it was...
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The air conditioning in the laundry room has been turned off over 100 degrees outside. The T.V. has been turned off. Weeds growing all over. Bad management decisions. I would look elsewhere to stay. There are many options available where management cares about its...
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TowerPoint RV Resort, Mesa, AZ. Why can CASH not be used to pay the bills, pay for activities/concerts, and pay for food/drink at the Grill? I thought CASH is legal tender?? {{Redacted}}
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*** off

Yes cal am why can't we use cash to pay foe our bill or at the gril we as Canadian don't like to use our credit cards as it cost us twice as much also there is no security the...

Be advised that the annual rent increases for Park Model owners will be in the neighborhood of 5% (some years as high as 6.5%). You will continue to pay exorbitant rental increases for increasingly less services and management is not spending the money wisely. Also be...
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The employees at Sunflower are all wonderful, but the way the company treats them is deplorable. Many of the employees (if not all) had their pay cut by 30% which was below minimum wage already. At Sunflower, the prices for services are low. Why not raise them a little...
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