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December of 2014 the park was informed that Cal-Am had purchased our RV Park. None of the residents had any idea of the new owners(Cal-Am).

Marc (the inventor of BS) Franklin told our current Activity Committee that they no longer existed and Cal-Am would be be restructuring the park. He went on to tell a packed hall of residents at his next meeting that there would be no increase in the rent at this park for at least two years. At his second meeting to a packed hall he denied he said no increase in rent . The hall erupted in BOOS.

Since the Franklin regime has started his feeble attempt at creating a sports complex has failed miserably. The horse shoe pits have been built and rebuilt THREE times and are still not right. the Bocce ball courts are built too close together and the distances are incorrect. these are just a couple if instances of spending waste.

Franklin has had FOUR ribbon cutting ceremonies with free food free liquor. People are not fooled someone has to pay for all the food and booze and the staff to put them on, and its not FRANKLIN.

I'm not sure Cal-Am are concerned but I would hope that the Board of Directors review Marc Franklin's employment and replace him with someone that has a personality and TELLS THE TRUTH, and allows some input by residents and Cal-Am staff

Since Cal-Am has chosen to ignore the park residents repeated requests for simple explanations as to why Cal-Am wants to destroy the current park morale, 28 residents have put their units up for sale.

TOO BAD Cal-Am it was a nice park. GET RID OF FRANKLIN!!!!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Olympion stated that there is a room for improvement of fees. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "lack of communications with park residents and the inability of marc franklin to tell the truth" of rv park. Cal Am Properties needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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you are absolutley right about Marc Franklin. He is the most professional liat I have ever known and he so enjoys making managers and staff feel useless.

He is a professional put downer. He made my wife and my life miserable for the whole year he was our boss as the new managers of Sundance. Many of the residents asked us several times if he was ***.

We could not say anything. Most if not all the residents hate him and CAL AM


Marc is nothing more than an ed villagedictator who doesn't care about anyone but himself. He is a horrible boss who will micromanage you to dwath, he doesn't care what the residentsreally want and he lies all the time. He needs to be fired but he ewon'tbe bbecause he is good friends withttheppresident of the company.

Goodyear, Arizona, United States #993327

AGREED! Marc Franklin and Star Davis are two that need to be terminated immediately.

I completely agree with what you are saying and this is coming from A CAL AM MAINTENANCE EMPLOYEE! Our Residents dont come first anymore, Marc Franklin and Star Davis's absolute *** comes first. Tried to say we arent a five star resort and i AGREE, a 5 star resort doesnt re use material and HIDE real damages with cover ups. Im on my way out and i wish i wasnt because i need this job and i try to do free side work for the residents.

Because all in all *** MARC FRANKLIN AND STAR DAVIS, My residents are why i work here. Now my new managers dont like that so they put a target on my back. Ill be terminated within the week im sure. But for those who want the regime stopped.


All cal am pool purchases go thru her HUSBANDS COMPANY. Not to save money but so the Davis family makes more off of the residents who already pay too much for too little

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